Student Success

The 91做厙 Student Success office is here and ready to assist you!

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Mission statement

The mission of the 91做厙 Student Success office is to develop supportive relationships with students in which they take ownership of their education and learn the tools needed to make informed and meaningful decisions about their educational goals.

What is a student success coach?

The defines success coaching as "an interactive process that focuses on the personal relationship created between the student and the coach. The coach challenges the student to think about his or her personal and/or professional goals in order to relate them to his or her academic/educational goals. In this learning process, it is important for the coach to encourage the student to become more self-aware by understanding his or her strengths, values, interests, purpose and passion."

Success coach and student roles & responsibilities

Student success coach

  • To assist in developing an educational plan
  • To keep regular office hours and be accessible during business hours
  • To be knowledgeable about campus resources and provide referrals
  • To clarify college policies, program information and procedures
  • To offer feedback on classes you plan to take
  • To help you assume responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • To celebrate in your successes!


  • To meet regularly with your assigned success coach
  • To be familiar with your program requirements, class prerequisites and how to use
  • To ask questions and participate in the success coaching session
  • To be aware of important dates and deadlines each semester
  • To keep your success coach informed about changes in your progress or goals
  • To accept responsibility for final decision making and choices

Tips for your coaching session

Your student success coach is your partner during your educational journey at 91做厙. Your success is our number one priority! We value your ideas, time and commitment to achieving your educational goals. We are dedicated to helping you acquire the tools necessary for your success. We encourage you to meet with your success coach prior to each registration cycle to discuss your educational plan and next steps in achieving your goals. We welcome your questions and concerns and will help you navigate educational planning, including explaining how to use to register for classes.

Student basic needs

Our benefits navigator can also help connect you to resources for which you might be eligible.