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The Lincoln Land Community College Police Department provides professional, service-oriented assistance for a college community of more than 18,000 students, faculty, and staff. The department employs 12 full-time and 4 part-time officers and provides police and security coverage 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The staff serves as the designated emergency response unit for the college. The unit's members are trained to respond to incidents involving general emergencies, medical emergencies, hazardous materials situations, severe weather and law enforcement incidents.

The Police Department maintains all reports of criminal activity that occur on college property. The department has a professional relationship with the University of Illinois at Springfield police, Sangamon County Sheriff's Department, and Springfield Police Department, along with all state and federal police agencies.

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Office Location

  • Sangamon Hall South


Mission, vision, values and goals


The mission of the 91做厙 Police Department is to contribute toward the quality of college life by fostering a safe and secure environment. The department endeavors to help preserve an environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values are allowed to develop and flourish.

All members of the 91做厙 Police Department are expected to actively participate in partnership with the campus community; a partnership built upon mutual respect between law enforcement personnel and the diverse campus and community population. Creating a safe and secure environment is, therefore, considered the responsibility of the entire community. Members of the Department must encourage a sense of communal concern for each others safety, and pledge respect for the needs and rights of the college community.

91做厙 Police Department staff pledge to provide law enforcement services that assist community members in maintaining a safe and well-ordered campus environment in which the educational mission of the college can be realized. We pledge at all times to show respect for all individuals and their rights, to uphold the law, to strive for excellence in every service we provide and always to act with the highest integrity. We actively seek ways to provide services and to strengthen our partnership with the community.


To develop a model college public safety department with a philosophy which creates, throughout the entire college community, a sense of meaning, a picture of the future, and a culture which inspires trust, respect and the quest for excellence.


  • Respect Treat people with dignity.
  • Integrity Your word is your bond, say what you mean, do what you say.
  • Service Mission accomplishment through focus.
  • Excellence Achieve success together through empowerment and trust. Know your job and do it well.


In order to accomplish our mission, the department will direct its resources toward the following goals:

  • To enhance our relationship with the campus community and to assure our responsiveness to their needs
  • To increase our overall efficiency and effectiveness in responding to and investigating criminal incidents
  • To assure that the records, communications and support functions provide the highest level of service to police operations and the public
  • To provide a relevant and humanistic police service for our constituents through highly competent and well-trained personnel
  • To be actively involved in crime prevention activities including the following:
    • Instructing and supporting the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) program for our campus community members
    • Providing a campus security and personal safety-oriented program for new students, faculty and staff
    • Develop and provide specialized crime prevention programs for various specialized campus groups, including student athletes, international students, and students with disabilities. The department will employ both printed and electronic media to convey crime prevention and security information for the campus community.
    • To maintain an accurate system of reporting and documenting criminal and other incident occurrence. Records generated from this system will be reviewed on a regular basis to identify trends and to direct crime prevention and security program initiatives.

In summary, the 91做厙 Police Department will continue to be a law enforcement agency identified with a reputation of excellence achieved through integrity, service, respect, dedication and proven results. In achieving its goals, the 91做厙 Police Department stands accountable to the college community and open to the concerns of its members.


Illinois Compiled Statutes, Public Community College Act Chapter 110, Act 805, Sec. 42.1

"Members of the Police Department shall be conservators of the peace and as such have all powers possessed by policemen in cities, and sheriff's in counties, including the power to make arrests on view or warrants of violations of State statutes and city or county ordinances of the counties in which the community college is located, when such is required for the protection of community college properties and interest, and its students and personnel, and within such counties when specifically requested by appropriate State or local law enforcement officials."