Paying for 91做厙

Visit our Tuition and Fees page to estimate the cost for courses you plan to take.

How to pay

91做厙 accepts cash, money order, personal check, cashier's check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 91做厙 does not charge a fee for credit/debit card payments.

Send checks made payable to:

Lincoln Land Community College
Student Accounts
5250 Shepherd Road
PO Box 19256
Springfield, IL 62794

Note: Please include the student ID number on the check. Post-dated checks will not be accepted. Returned checks will be assessed a $15 service fee.

Available at the main campus in Springfield (Menard Hall, first floor) or any of our other 91做厙 locations.

Call the main campus in Springfield at 217-786-2292 or any of our other 91做厙 locations.

Log in to , click on "Pay in full or create payment plan" link.

91做厙 offers a payment plan allowing you to spread out tuition payments over the semester. Log in to and click on "Student Finance" for more information.

Keeping college affordable. (It's what we do!)

If you are having someone else pay for your tuition, you can add them as an authorized user so that they can log in and pay on your behalf. Please be sure they are aware of posted tuition due dates.

Log in to . Then:

  • Select "Student Finance."
  • Click "Pay in Full" from drop down menu at the top under Student Finance.
  • Select "Continue to Payment Center."
  • Access "Authorized Users" on the right.

Financial assistance

Financial aid

Students who need or are entitled to financial assistance for attendance at 91做厙 will find help in the Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office is responsible for administering traditional federal and state financial aid programs including grants, loans and work-study, benefiting many students including veterans, scholarship recipients and students with disabilities. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more and get started filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

91做厙 scholarships

The 91做厙 Foundation has many scholarships available for students, and its easy to apply! Learn more on the .

Veterans benefits

The Veterans Affairs office at 91做厙 is available to help you through the process of using your VA Education Benefits. Our online step-by-step guide will map the way for you. Visit the Veterans page for more info and to get started!

Open Door Workforce Equity Initiative

WEI provides free training and supports for short-term training programs and aims to serve low-income students, 75% of whom must be African American. Learn more about WEI, including support services, eligibility and steps to enroll.

Pipeline for the Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce

The PATH program provides free training and supports for occupations within the health care field. Learn more about PATH, including support services, programs and eligibility.

Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity

Through funding from ECACE, those who work or who have worked in early childhood education or childcare may be eligible for free training and supports to pursue an additional degree or certificate in the field. For more information, contact our early childhood education advocate, Marlena Constant (217-786-2392).

Tuition refund information

Learn more about 91做厙's tuition refund policy and how refunds can be issued to students.