The mission

The mission of Lincoln Land Community College is to transform lives and strengthen our communities through learning.

The vision

Lincoln Land Community College aspires to provide high quality learning experiences for all seeking to improve their knowledge and skills while serving as a catalyst for economic growth that enriches our communities.


Diversity and Equity

You belong at Lincoln Land Community College.

We strive to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all by fostering a sense of belonging in our working and learning environments.


We provide the best value in education.

We recognize that everyone has their own educational goals, and we are the cost-effective pathway to achieve them.


We are your partners in learning.

We create a culture of collaboration with the communities we serve, our students and within our institution.

Teaching and Learning

We exist to educate.

We value student learning and life advancement through education.


We adapt so you can thrive.

We create environments that best serve the needs of our students and the community.


You can rely on us.

We operate in a manner that is ethical, trustworthy, truthful and fair.


Support of Students

Goal 1: Increase our students' persistence and completion rates and resolve barriers to enrollment.

Teaching and Learning

Goal 2: Create spaces and experiences which enhance our students' engagement in their learning.

Goal 3: Identify and revise practices that contribute to equity gaps and increase course completion, course success and persistence.

Valuing People

Goal 4: Advance practices which foster healthy learning and campus culture.

Institutional Awareness

Goal 5: Enhance engagement with district employers and community partners.