Honors Program

The 91做厙 Honors Program provides unique educational experiences for academically superior students in order to challenge, educate and reward them at a level consistent with their intellectual needs and abilities. The Honors Program emphasizes critical thinking, greater student/teacher interaction, in-depth reading and discussion, smaller classes, special study facilities and contact with other high-ability students. All students who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to participate.


Priority registration

Honors Program students can register for classes before open registration.

Designated classes

Honors classes usually keep a faster pace and facilitate greater interaction between students, providing a rich, diverse classroom experience. (Students may also turn a regularly scheduled section of a course into an honors course by contracting with the instructor to broaden the scope of the course with specially-designed projects or activities.)

Voice in decision-making

Honors students have a voice in the planning and direction of the Honors Program through participation in the Honors Program Council.

Transcript recognition

Transcripts of students who complete the program are inscribed with the phrase "Honors Program: All requirements have been completed."

Retreats and club activities

Over the course of the year, students in the Honors Program participate in fundraisers, team-building retreats and other group activities designed to facilitate connections within the program.

Study lounge

A study lounge for the exclusive use of Honors Program students is equipped with computers and internet access. The study lounge serves as a gathering place for Honors Program students to study, relax and socialize.