A to Z Student Information

Last Updated: Nov. 18, 2022.

For the latest information, contact 91做厙 Student Life at 217-786-2241.

A. Lincoln Commons serves as the front door of the college and a gathering space for the college community. The main level of A. Lincoln Commons includes lounge areas, a staffed information desk and space for campus events

Success in college and beyond involves developing knowledge, skills and habits. Below are three easy ways you can gain practice and begin to build success at 91做厙:

  1. Attend every class. Participation in a classroom or an online learning context is key to success. If you are unable to attend class or participate online, make sure you inform your instructor and make alternate arrangements if possible. All classes should have policies for attendance and participation noted in the course syllabus.
  2. Read everything thats assigned. Many courses have textbooks or readings of some type. It is difficult to participate or have the background knowledge to complete other aspects of the course if you have not read the assigned materials. Notify your instructor or success coach if you are having trouble acquiring the reading materials for the course.
  3. Turn in all assignments. Assignments give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning in a course. They are also the basis for much of the grade in a course. Missing or late assignments often result in a zero, which can significantly lower your grade.

91做厙 Accessibility Services facilitates equal access to educational programs and services for disabled students. Please call 217-786-2599 or 217-786-2869 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

See Campus Activities and Student Life Office.

The activity fee is collected by the college and distributed by the 91做厙 Student Government Association. The activity fee provides funding for various student programs including campus activities, student clubs/organizations, The Lamp student newspaper and 91做厙 Student Life.

Address changes can be made by emailing registration@llcc.edu from your 91做厙 email account. If you are moving from out-of-district to in-district, please be aware that you will also need to complete a residency form. For more information, please call 91做厙 Registration at 217-786-2292.

Let's Connect! 91做厙 Alumni Association

Get involved! Join the 91做厙 Alumni Association to stay connected and show your support and spirit! The 91做厙 Alumni Association is open to any current or former 91做厙 student who has completed a minimum of three 91做厙 credit hours, and there is no charge for membership. By joining the alumni association, you stay connected to 91做厙 through email and newsletters. and like and follow us on social media: , , . For more information, contact the alumni services office at 217-786-4502.

Located on the second floor of Menard Hall, the Philip and Mary Kathryn Trutter Museum, in conjunction with the James S. Murray Art Gallery, features works from the Trutter Collection and pieces by guest artists, students and faculty. Exhibitions are scheduled and coordinated through the arts and communication department. For information about shows and exhibits, contact the arts and communication department at 217-786-2286.

If you are interested in participating in an intercollegiate sport, contact the athletic director at 217-786-2581 about eligibility requirements, tryouts and season schedules. The athletic director will put you in contact with the head coach of the sport in which you are interested. 91做厙s qualifying athletic teams compete in National Junior College Athletic Association regional, district and national tournaments.

Mens intercollegiate sports at 91做厙 include basketball during the winter and baseball during the spring. Womens intercollegiate sports include volleyball and soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring.

91做厙 has one ATM located on the Springfield campus. The United Community Bank ATM is in the A. Lincoln Commons vending area. Students should contact United Community Bank directly, 217-787-3000, if they have any problems using this ATM.

Assistance with locating campus and community resources in the areas of food insecurity, housing and utility assistance. Our benefits navigator can help connect you to resources for which you might be eligible. View the list of basic needs resources.

The 91做厙 Bookstore is located on the lower level of Menard Hall in the Student Union. There you will find all required and optional textbooks, required clothing and supplies, greeting cards, gift items, snacks and the best selection of 91做厙 logo wear in town! The bookstore is also where you can go to obtain a student ID card. Visit the or call 217-786-2300 for hours of operation and additional information.

See Canvas for info.

District Route 11 provides bus service to the 91做厙 campus every half hour Monday through Friday from 6:26 a.m. to 5:56 p.m. and hourly during that timeframe on Saturdays. Evening bus service also is available hourly on Route 905, Monday through Friday from 6:34-10:34 p.m. Due to the pandemic, night services will be reducing hours. Night service will begin at regular time, but the 7 p.m. trip will be the last trip. Bus passes are available in the 91做厙 Bookstore in the lower level of Menard Hall. For more information, call 217-786-2300. For current bus schedule information, including updated routine times and dates of closure, call 217-522-5531.

View the academic calendar online. More information can also be found in the 91做厙 catalog.

91做厙 Student Life coordinates various social, cultural, recreational, wellness and educational programs throughout the academic year. Activities include games, giveaways, movies, speakers, musicians and travel. For more information on activities or to get involved in the Logger Activities Board, contact 91做厙 Student Life at 217-786-2241.

Canvas is 91做厙s Learning Management System (LMS). It is used by learning institutions, educators and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communications with your instructor. At 91做厙, every course has access to Canvas. Whether your course is fully online, hybrid, remote or meets face-to-face, you may be asked to log into Canvas to access course materials, check communications from your instructor, take quizzes, turn in assignments or check your grades.

Students may access Canvas by:

  1. Going to the 91做厙 homepage
  2. Clicking "Info For" at the top right and then "Current Students"
  3. Clicking on the link to under the "Quick Links" section
  4. After accessing Canvas, enter your 91做厙 network username and password to login. If you are logged into another 91做厙 web service, you may be automatically logged in to Canvas.

Students may receive Canvas technical support by clicking the "help" button inside of Canvas. Additionally, the department of Academic Innovation and eLearning at 91做厙 offers technical support. Contact them at:

If you need help choosing a career or with a job search, 91做厙 Career Services is here for you. This office offers career assessments and resources to help with career exploration. Our career development 皰rofessionals will help you create a great resume and cover letter, interview with confidence and conduct an effective job search. Career Services can also help you identify job shadowing opportunities and provide the guidance and information you need to enroll in cooperative education (see Cooperative Education). Career Services is located in 91做厙 Student Success on the first floor of Menard Hall. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 217-786-2210 or go to

Job Board

91做厙 Job Board. Work opportunities for students and alumni.

91做厙 Career Services hosts a  for student and alumni job seekers. It is an easy-to-use, free online resource where local and regional employers post a variety of work opportunities. 91做厙 job seekers can quickly and easily search the opportunities and submit their resumes directly to employers. Learn more about the Job Board. 

Academic Success Services

The 91做厙 Center for Academic Success (CAS) is a one-stop shop of free academic support services including the math center, academic success professionals, writing center, peer tutoring, supplemental instruction program and accessibility services. The CAS is located in the lower level of the library in Sangamon Hall. Students are served by appointment or on a walk-in basis. No fee is charged. Hours for most services are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. Summer hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The CAS is closed on Fridays during the summer. For further information, contact us at 217-786-2396 or cas@llcc.edu.

Denis P. Beveridge Math Center

The Denis P. Beveridge Math Center is staffed by math faculty and professionals available to answer questions, help with homework problems, work an example and/or guide students to additional resources such as tutorials, worksheets and software. Appointments are not necessary.

Academic Success Professionals

Study support is available in most subject areas. Students learn more efficient ways to take notes, manage their time, read textbooks, review, think critically and take tests. Highly qualified and experienced professionals assess individual learning styles and provide guidance on using these styles to achieve success. Contact the Center for Academic Success for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Writing Center

Staffed by full-time composition faculty and part-time professionals, the 91做厙 Writing Center provides students with individual assistance in any class. In addition, help is available on important correspondence, scholarship or university applications and r矇sum矇s. The center also provides part of the grammar component of study in the EGL 099 classes. For more information or to make an appointment, call 217-786-2341.

Peer Tutoring Services

Highly trained peer tutors are available to assist students with most 91做厙 courses. Tutoring is provided at no charge to the student. Contact the Center for Academic Success for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Supplemental Instruction

Successful students are trained to lead study groups for courses that are historically difficult at 91做厙. Contact the Center for Academic Success to inquire if a supplemental instruction study group exists for your class.

A change machine is located in the student union. The change machine accepts $1 and $5 bills.

The nationally recognized 91做厙Child Development Center, located on Shepherd Road adjacent to the Springfield campus entrance, serves children ages 15 months through kindergarten entry. The programs philosophy is based on research showing that children learn best through play.

The center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Childcare spaces are available to students Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters, and Monday through Thursday during the summer semester. Morning (7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.), afternoon (12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) or full-day spaces are available. Please contact the Child Development Center at 217-786-2450 regarding availability of space. The Child Development Center will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs.

91做厙 Student Life typically hosts various club and vendor days each fall and spring. Clubs, organizations, campus offices and community organizations set up displays and distribute information to students interested in getting involved on campus and in the community. For information about upcoming club and vendor days, contact Student Life at 217-786-2241 or studentlife@llcc.edu

See Emergencies and School Closings.

College Success Skills is a two-credit transfer course dedicated to preparing students for the unique challenges facing them as college students. The course provides students with a strong understanding of how to succeed at the college level by addressing topics such as classroom skills, life skills and personal development. Call 217-786-2365 for more information.

Complete a graduation application using , or contact 91做厙 Student Records at records@llcc.edu or 217-786-4956. Eligible students must submit a graduation application even if they do not participate in the commencement ceremony.

Experience learning through our non-credit classes, workshops, events and travel opportunities open to adults and youth. Classes are offered in a variety of topics for personal interest and skill-building opportunities. View current Community Education offerings.

91做厙 is committed to providing a welcoming, safe and supportive environment. For this reason, 91做厙 seeks to address student complaints in a thorough and timely manner.

If a student has a complaint, 91做厙 empowers students to advocate for themselves by first talking with the person with whom they want to file a complaint. If the direct conversation did not remedy the complaint, then students are encouraged to Visit 91做厙s Student Rights and Responsibilities webpage to review your rights and access the complaint form.The complaint form is not intended to address all types of complaints. Please note the exceptions listed on the complaint form.

Leslie Johnson, interim compliance and prevention coordinator/campus ombudsperson is available to talk with students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the 91做厙 community. She may be reached at 217-786-2848 or leslie.johnson@llcc.edu 

Students who need to type papers, search the internet and/or complete class assignments can use one of 91做厙s computer labs. Computer labs are available in the 91做厙 Library in Sangamon Hall and the Flex Center located in Logan Hall.

The Cooperative Work Experience, or co-op, program allows 91做厙 students to earn college credit and gain valuable work experience while working or participating in an internship.

This program may be right for you if these statements are true:

  • I have earned at least 12 college-level credits.
  • I am pursuing a degree and need elective credits (or co-op is a requirement for my degree).
  • I currently have a job, I am interviewing for a new job or internship, or I am starting a search now.

In addition to earning college credits, past co-op students have reported multiple benefits:

  • Professional work experience that looks great on my resume
  • I have improved the hand-on skills I need to work and be successful in this job.
  • I worked every day with my goals in mind. It made me feel purposeful and accomplished.
  • This experience has helped me improve my communication with all types of people.
  • I have gained a lot of expertise and knowledge since the co-op started.
  • Although my job is not exactly in my area of my academic studies, I found myself using skills I have improved while in college such as setting and accomplishing goals and finding new ways to be of value in the workplace.

Learn more about co-op or schedule a co-op appointment with Career Services to ask questions or start the process. . For information on eligibility requirements, contact Cathy Huffman at 217-786-4691 or cathy.huffman@llcc.edu.

Copy machines for student use are available in the library located in Sangamon Hall. Each copy is 10 cents.

91做厙 provides free counseling services for students through Talkspace. For more information about Talkspace and how to access it, visit Student Success' webpage.

Although 91做厙 does not publish a student directory, it does disclose directory information about students upon request. Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you have the right to withhold the disclosure of any or all of the categories of the directory information. Read more about the release of student information. To exercise your right, visit 91做厙 Registration on the main campus or any of our Outreach Centers. Signed requests must be witnessed by an 91做厙 employee. Unable to come to campus during business hours? Email records@llcc.edu from your 91做厙 account to make the request.

See Accessibility Services.

Student conduct standards and the 91做厙 Police Department strictly prohibit the use or possession of illegal substances and the unauthorized use or possession of alcoholic beverages at the college or any college-sponsored activity. Failure to comply with standards of student conduct will result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, permanent expulsion from the college and a referral made for prosecution. Learn more about student polices and rights.

Through funding from the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity (ECACE), those who work or who have worked in early childhood education or childcare may qualify for a scholarship that covers the total cost of attendance if they are pursuing an additional degree or certificate in the field. We have an early childhood education advocate, Marlena Constant (217-786-2392), to help you every step of the way with scholarships and financial aid, and also providing support and connecting you with services.

The 91做厙 ALERT system notifies you of emergencies, school closings and other important announcements. You are automatically enrolled with your 91做厙 email account in 91做厙 ALERT when you register for classes. 91做厙 ALERT messages are sent via text, phone and email. You can update your contact information and manage your preferences for receiving 91做厙 ALERT messages. You may also check the 91做厙 homepage, 疹isten to your local radio or TV station, check your 91做厙 email account or go the , 皋娶 to find out if classes are canceled due to bad weather. If weather worsens as the day progresses, the decision to cancel evening classes is made by 3:30 p.m.

Dont let a lack of funds stop you from attending 91做厙. If you need financial assistance, 91做厙 Financial Aid can help you apply for grants, loans, scholarships and federal work study employment. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each school year to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Eligibility is based on factors such as family income, assets and the number of family members in college.

91做厙 Financial Aid is located in student services in Menard Hall. Students may begin the financial aid process by completing the . Students may receive assistance completing the FAFSA and can meet with 91做厙 financial aid representatives by emailing financial.aid@llcc.edu皋娶 calling 217-786-2237 or toll free 800-727-4161.

The fitness center, located in Cass Gymnasium, offers cardiovascular workout equipment, free weights and weight machines. Students should enroll in ESS 112 or ESS 113 to use the fitness center.  For more information on service availability or if you have any questions, contact Chad Jones at Chad.Jones@llcc.edu or 217-786-2423.

The 91做厙 Food Pantry is located in 91做厙 Student Life in the lower level of Menard Hall (across from Quiznos). The mission of the food pantry is to provide support to 91做厙 students in the area of supplemental health and wellness by providing reliable access to a sufficient quantity of nutritious food. The food pantry also provides personal hygiene, and occasionally clothing and school supplies. This service is free to current students. For more information on the food pantry, please contact the Student Life office at 217-786-2241.


Quiznos is located in the lower level of Menard Hall. For the fall semester, Quiznos is open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visit Quiznos for any changes in operational hours. Download the Quiznos app for access to their menu, online ordering and special offers including a free sub sandwich with proof of app download.

Bistro Verde

Bistro Verde is a student-run cafe located in the Workforce Careers Center. Check back for fall hours of operation.

The first-year experience course helps students successfully transition to college. Students will experience, discuss, write about and apply knowledge, skills, behaviors, strategies and mindsets that help them succeed in college. This course empowers students to develop inner qualities that assist in making wise decisions, which result in the outcomes and experiences they desire. Students learn how to think critically about and prepare for their academic and career pathways. FYE 101 is a three-credit transferable course that can be paid for using financial aid.

Many single facility restrooms on campus and at several other 91做厙 locations are gender neutral to provide an accommodating environment for students and staff.

Gender-neutral restrooms are located in Menard Hall lower level (2); Menard Hall first floor in the R. H. Stephens Room (2), VP office area (2) and the break room next to 91做厙 Foundation (2); Sangamon Hall lower level (2); Workforce Careers Center (3); Kreher Agriculture Center (1); Mason Hall (2); Litchfield administrative building (2); and Taylorville north building (1).

Please consult the 91做厙 catalog.

Your grade point average is computed by a system that assigns four points for an A, three points for a B, two points for a C, one point for a D and zero points for an F. The number of points assigned to the grade you earn in a course is multiplied by the number of credits the course carries. Your overall average can then be computed by dividing total points earned by total credits attempted. The division is carried out three places to the right of the decimal, and the quotient is rounded off two decimal places. Developmental courses are not reflected in GPA calculations. For a more detailed explanation and example, consult the 91做厙 catalog.

Graduation is not automatic; students must apply by the posted deadline by using LoggerCentral. See Commencement.

All students shall be served by 91做厙 employees in an equitable and appropriate manner at all times. 91做厙 has implemented procedures to resolve complaints alleging that a students rights have been abridged/violated. Please refer to the policy section of this planner for more information about appropriate grievance procedures.

The 91做厙 Honors Program provides unique educational experiences for academically advanced students in order to challenge, educate and reward them at a level consistent with their intellectual needs and abilities. Admission to the Honors Program is based on grade point average, ACT or SAT score, class rank, recommendation and a written essay. All students who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to participate. For more information, call 217-786-2375.

Contact the 91做厙 Bookstore to set up an appointment to receive a free student ID card. To obtain a student ID card, students must have a class schedule and picture ID. A replacement ID costs $10. Your student ID serves as a library card and allows you to utilize various campus services and discounts at businesses and venues in the region. Call 217-786-2300 to schedule your appointment.

Instructors may at their discretion assign a grade of incomplete (I) to a student who has met a substantial portion of all course requirements, but for valid and good reasons is unable to complete remaining course work by the official end of the academic term. The grade of I carries no honor points and is not used in computing a students cumulative grade point average. The instructor will determine a time frame in which the course work must be completed.

The time frame shall be no longer than one academic semester (excluding summer term) beyond the semester in which the incomplete is assigned.

The 91做厙 IT Help Desk is available to assist you with activating your account; accessing email, Canvas, 91做厙 ALERT, Wi-Fi; and setting up your email on your smartphone. If you have questions or are in need of assistance, contact the IT Help Desk by , visiting the , sending a detailed email from your 91做厙 email account to helpme@llcc.edu, or calling 217-786-2555.

91做厙 Career Services hosts a for student and alumni job seekers. It is an easy-to-use, free online resource where local and regional employers post various work opportunities. 91做厙 job seekers can quickly and easily search the opportunities and submit their resumes directly to employers. Learn more about the job board.

Several departments on campus hire students to work up to 20 hours per week. Working on campus has many benefits including gaining work experience in an environment supportive of learning. Plus, work schedules can be flexible to accommodate your class schedule. Learn more about how to become a student worker.

For nursing mothers on the main campus, a private lactation room is located in Millennium Center. Students can obtain the entry code by contacting 91做厙 Student Life at 217-786-2241 or visiting the office in the lower level of Menard Hall. For nursing mothers at other college locations, please talk with staff at your location for more information.

The library has print and electronic materials for students to use both on and off campus, and the friendly staff members are there to help. Some resources include books, periodicals, videos, music and databases.

For more information about library services, visit the or call 217-786-2354.

Please reach out to us by visiting our website, using our 24/7 chat reference service, or contacting library faculty and staff via email or in person.

Library hours

  • Monday-Thursday:  7:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Friday: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Contact the library

Reference and research assistance

  • 91做厙 Chat reference (available 24/7): Chat online anytime with a qualified and credentialed librarian who may or may not be an 91做厙 Library faculty member. Access the chat reference service through the librarys website by clicking on the Need Help? Chat Now! button.
  • Email: Reach out to an 91做厙 Library faculty member by email and receive assistance.
  • Start your own information learning journey by using our online lessons, videos, and guides.

Popular reading online

  • Overdrive: Access e-books and e-audiobooks through 91做厙s shared You can also download the Libby app to your smartphone to read or listen to your Overdrive selections on the go.


The library has computers available for students to use on a first-come, first-served basis, and preference is given to students who are doing school-related work.

Note: Study tables are available in the Center for Academic Success, and students can call 217-786-2396 to make a reservation.

Request a library book

You can request physical library materials directly through the library's Search & Discover interface. Once the requested items are available for pickup, Library staff members will notify you through your 91做厙 email address. This provides information about requesting items through our interlibrary loan services.

Return library books and materials

Return items using the outside book-drop located next to the bus stop in the circle drive close to Sangamon Hall or return them directly inside the library entrance at the Access Services desk. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out to any of us!

Carrying around too many books? Visit the 91做厙 Bookstore to rent a locker. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rental costs are $10 per semester (fall and spring) and $5 for the summer session. For more information, call 217-786-4909.

is a tool that provides students with 24-hour access to check final class grades, view unofficial transcripts, search and register for courses, manage waitlists, create an academic plan, and view payment and financial aid information. On the 91做厙 homepage at the top right, click "Info For" and "Current Students." Then click LoggerCentral under the Quick Links section.

Search for classes

  • Once logged in to LoggerCentral, click on Student Planning.
  • Use the search box to enter the class you would like to search for and click enter.
  • You can use Filter Results on the left side of the screen to help narrow your results.

Register for classes

  • From the home screen, click on Student Planning.
  • Under Plan your Degree & Register for Classes, click on Go to Plan & Schedule.
  • Add the term by clicking on the +, then select the correct term from the dropdown menu and select Add Term. Use the search box to enter the class you would like to search for. Click enter.
  • You can then choose the section you want to register for (filters on the left-hand side will help you narrow down your search.)
  • Click Add Section to Plan. Then Add Section.
  • You can then return to Plan & Schedule.
  • Click Register Now. You will also be able to view your class(es) in a calendar view.
  • At this point, you are registered, and no one else can take your seat in the class. You are responsible for tuition charges and for dropping or withdrawing from classes, if necessary.
  • If you are registering for developmental math classes (like MAT 081, 082, 088, etc.), register for the first level (MAT 081) and then go back and register for the second level (MAT 082). This is necessary because MAT 081 is a prerequisite to MAT 082. You will need to look in the modules to find most developmental math classes.
  • Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email in your 91做厙 email account. If you do not receive this message, you are not registered and should call 217- 786-2292 for assistance with registering

Check your final class grades

  • From the home screen, click on Grades.
  • How to view your unofficial transcripts
  • From the home screen, click on Student Planning.
  • Click on Student Planning toward the top of the screen and select Unofficial Transcripts from the dropdown menu.

All lost and found items are catalogued and stored by the 91做厙 Police Department. Any inquiries should be directed to that office, which is located in Sangamon Hall South by calling 217-786-2278.

91做厙 offers many classes online. Information about online courses, degrees and certificates is available on our online learning webpage.

The Workforce Equity Initiative, funded through an Illinois Community College Board grant, aims to serve 150 low-income students, 75% of whom must be African American.

The Workforce Equity Initiative provides short-term, post-secondary education/training programs designed to help participants gain employment in high-wage and in-demand occupations.

Learn more about programs, support services, eligibility and steps to enroll in the Workforce Equity Initiative.

If you have questions, please contact Brandon Lewis, program navigator, at 217-786-4516 or Candace Silas, program director, at 217-786-3689.

Parking for students is available at no cost in any of the lots on campus. Accessible and no parking spaces are clearly marked. There is no parking along roadways on campus. The campus-wide speed limit is 20 mph. The 91做厙 Police Department handles all parking and traffic violations. This department follows a comprehensive traffic and parking enforcement program.

Having difficulty paying your tuition in full? Dont qualify for financial assistance? 91做厙 offers tuition payment agreements that are affordable and convenient. For more details, please visit the Payment Plan webpage or contact 91做厙 Student Accounts at student.finances@llcc.edu or 217-786-2480.

The Pipeline for the Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce (PATH) program, funded through an Illinois Community College Board grant, provides free short-term education/training and supports designed to help participants gain employment in high-wage and in-demand occupations within the health care field. Learn more about PATH, including the supports provided, health care programs you can participate in and eligibility.

See Testing Center

The 91做厙 Police Department, located in Sangamon Hall South, assists students and provides a safe and secure learning and working environment for the entire college community. Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They can be reached directly by calling 217-786-2278 or by calling the college switchboard at 217-786-2200. The department also offers many courtesy services, such as escorting students to their vehicles and a vehicle assistance program.

The 91做厙 Police Department works diligently to provide a safe and secure environment. However, 91做厙 is a public-access facility. You must be alert for your own safety and security. Following are some suggestions.

  • Pay careful attention to your personal belongings; do not leave them unattended.
  • Put your name in each of your books. Textbooks are expensive and attract thieves.
  • Evening students should have their car keys in their hands before leaving a building. Whenever possible, walk in groups when leaving a class.
  • Lock your car and leave nothing in view of a potential thief.

The 91做厙 ALERT system notifies you of emergencies, school closings and other important announcements. You are automatically enrolled in 91做厙 ALERT with your 91做厙 email account when you register for classes. 91做厙 ALERT messages are sent via text, phone and email. You can update your contact information and manage your preferences for receiving 91做厙 ALERT messages online.

If you are a victim of a crime on campus, call the 91做厙 Police Department at 217-786-2278 or 911.

If, at any time, students or staff members do not feel safe walking from the buildings to their vehicles on the Springfield campus, they may call 217-786-2278 and a police officer will be dispatched to provide an escort.

All postings are distributed through 91做厙 Student Life in the lower level of Menard Hall. Call 217-786-2241 or stop by the Student Life office for information on posting ads or flyers.

A student who achieves a semester grade point average of 3.50-3.99 for 12 or more hours during a semester is eligible for the full-time Vice Presidents List that semester. Students who earn a perfect 4.00 average for the semester will be named to the full-time Presidents List. Students completing a minimum of six and a maximum of 11 semester hours in any term and who achieve a grade point average of 3.50-3.99 will be named to the part-time Vice Presidents List or, with a semester grade point average of 4.00, to the part-time Presidents List. Credit hours and grades in developmental courses are not included in calculations determining eligibility for the Presidents or Vice Presidents List.

91做厙 must give all pregnant students the same access to school programs and educational opportunities as any other student, and 91做厙 does not exclude a student from participating in any part of an education program.

In addition, 91做厙 does not discriminate against any student on the basis of pregnancy or pregnancy-related medical conditions, including breast feeding. Pregnant students seeking accommodations should contact 91做厙 Accessibility Services immediately at 217-786-2599 or email kim.eddings@llcc.edu, as accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

See Library for information on printing at 91做厙.

The student union, featuring , is located on the lower level of Menard Hall. Student union hours are limited during the summer and when classes are not in session and are subject to change.

You are encouraged to use the for ordering as much as possible. Please note, per Illinois guidelines, no personal cups are allowed to be used to fill at the beverage machine. This includes drinks and ice.

Registration for classes depends on whether you are a new student, current student or returning student. Current students are encouraged to register online through LoggerCentral. New first-time, degree- or certificate-seeking students can register online, by phone or in-person following a student success coaching appointment. New transfer students and students not seeking a degree or certificate must register in-person or by phone. Returning students with a LoggerCentral account may register online, in-person or by phone. For information, visit 91做厙 Admission and Registration or call 217-786-2292 (outside Springfield, call 800-727-4161).

Consult the college catalog for the policy on repeating a course.

See Career Services.

The SAVE Taskforce provides programming and education on the topic of sexual violence and interpersonal prevention and response with the goal of informing the 91做厙 community about dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. SAVE aims to reduce stigma, inspire activism and connect 91做厙 with community resources. SAVE provides a platform where the 91做厙 community can learn about safe bystander intervention strategies, ways they can help prevent sexual and intimate partner violence, where to access support and how to support survivors. Questions should be directed to the chair of the SAVE Taskforce, the compliance and prevention coordinator, at 217-786-3426. Additional information can be found at 91做厙s Sexual Violence Resource webpage.

91做厙 Foundation Scholarships

The 91做厙 Foundation awards over $440,000 worth of scholarships each year! When can you apply? Our annual, is available Dec. 1-March 1 for the upcoming academic year. The Foundation office is located in Menard Hall, Room 1214. Questions? Contact Michelle Burger, scholarship program and alumni services coordinator, at 217-786-4502 or Michelle.Burger@llcc.edu.

As part of 91做厙s commitment to providing a safe learning environment for students, 91做厙 offers prevention and awareness programming, bystander intervention trainings, safety trainings and resources focused on preventing and responding to sexual violence. 91做厙s compliance and prevention coordinator provides programming aimed at effectively preventing and responding to sexual violence through increasing awareness of such crimes and connecting survivors to information on their rights and options for support. More information can be obtained by calling the compliance and prevention coordinator at 217-786-3426 or visiting the 91做厙 Sexual Violence Resource webpage.

To help students feel empowered to respond to physical threats to their safety, the 91做厙 Police Department offers the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course. RAD classes are held on campus periodically throughout the semesters and focus on teaching students self-defense moves. More information about RAD classes can be obtained by calling the 91做厙 Police Department at 217-786-2278.

91做厙 has an agreement with Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault to serve as its confidential advisors. Discussions between a confidential advisor and a survivor pertaining to incidents of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and/or stalking will remain confidential unless the survivor provides written consent or the report falls within certain safety-related exceptions. 91做厙 highly encourages survivors, loved ones of survivors and witnesses of sexual violence to contact a confidential advisor to discuss their safety, well-being and/or options. The confidential advisor phone line (available 24 hours a day) is 217-753-8081.

Per the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act that took effect July 1, 2015, smoking, or the use of any tobacco products or nicotine delivery systems not approved by the FDA for smoking cessation (i.e., e-cigs, vaporizers, chew, snus or anything similar), is no longer allowed on any college-owned (or controlled) property, or within any college-owned vehicles. The only exception (stipulated in the law and 91做厙 policy) is that a person is not in violation if they are in a personally owned vehicle that is either traveling through or parked upon college property. All smoking material must be extinguished inside the vehicle prior to exiting.

The 91做厙 Police Department will issue citations for violations of this policy. Fines are as follows:

  • $25 for first offense
  • $50 for second or subsequent offenses. Offenders could also be subject to student and/or employee disciplinary procedures.

View more information about the 91做厙 alcohol, tobacco and other drugs policy.

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See Accessibility Services.

Student contributions and accomplishments are valued at 91做厙. Therefore, 91做厙 Student Life coordinates the Student Recognition Ceremony, an annual event to recognize outstanding student achievement.

There are more than 30 student clubs and organizations on campus addressing a variety of interests. Clubs are classified under the following categories: academic excellence, academic and professional, arts and entertainment, cultural and religious, general interest, political involvement, and social issues and service. Students can request to establish new clubs on campus if it is determined there is an interest that is not currently being met by existing groups.

SGA is the official governing council for the student body and provides recognition for all student clubs on campus. SGA includes departmental representatives and five officers. SGA members attend various leadership conferences and retreats each year and serve on institutional committees. The SGA coordinates various student outreach and advocacy events and projects.

For more information on the student clubs/organizations, visit the student life office, call 217-786-2241.

Your email account is hosted by Microsoft. Please complete any request for more information for authentication verification. This will allow you to reset your password via your email account without contacting the IT Help Desk for assistance. Your email account can be accessed via the web or added to your smartphone by downloading the Outlook app from the appropriate app store for your device. Visit the  or call the IT Help Desk at 217-786-2555 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Access your email

  • It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • On the homepage of llcc.edu, click on the My 91做厙 link and then scroll down to select the email link under the Student Resources section.
  • Enter your 91做厙 email address (i.e., juser1234@llcc.edu) and click on Next.
  • Depending upon your browser and if you are logged into the computer workstation on campus, you may need to enter your password.

Sign in

Your new email inbox comes with a convenient feature called Single Sign On (SSO). When you use an 91做厙 computer to access Outlook on Office 365 in Edge and Google Chrome, the service signs you in automatically using the authentication credentials used when you initially logged into the computer. It is important that you log into 91做厙 computers using your own credentials. If you are using a kiosk computer or a public use computer that will not allow you to log in as yourself, please use the Firefox browser to access your email.

SSO does not allow signing out by clicking on the upper right-hand corner Sign Out option. Instead, simply close your web browser and log off of Windows to end your email session.

See Jobs on Campus.

Do you want to meet new people, build leadership skills and enhance your r矇sum矇? Get involved on campus! The mission of 91做厙 Student Life is to provide quality programs and services that enhance the campus experience through leadership, educational, wellness and multicultural programs and initiatives. Programs and services include student clubs/organizations, Student Government Association, Logger Activities Board, the 91做厙 Food Pantry and leadership programming.

If youre interested in getting involved, contact 91做厙 Student Life at 217-786-2241 or visit the office in the lower level of Menard Hall. Endless opportunities await you!

During the general student elections held each spring, one student is elected to membership on the 91做厙 Board of Trustees. Student representation allows students to communicate their concerns and interests to the 91做厙 Board of Trustees. The student member of the board also holds an officer position within the Student Government Association.

All 91做厙 applications that require a login to authenticate will utilize the same username and password, with the exception of Office 365. Password changes are completed when signing in to your 91做厙 email account.

All 91做厙 applications that require a login to authenticate will utilize the same username and password, with the exception of Office 365. Password changes are completed when signing in to your 91做厙 email account.

Username and password

The username is case sensitive and is used to access all systems, with the exception of Office 365 (Outlook/Email). Ex. juser1234

Your email address is your username@llcc.edu and is only used to log into Office 365.

Activating your account

Learn how to .

Resetting your password

Your password can be reset on the login page of your 91做厙 email account. Click on the Forgot my password link. This will utilize the information that was entered in the authentication verification steps previously. Should you have difficulty resetting your password, please contact the IT Help Desk with your 91做厙 student ID number.

For more information, including how to change your password, go to .

Your student success coach is here to help you navigate your educational journey during your time at 91做厙. Meeting with your student success coach regularly will help you map out your plan for success, set educational goals and stay informed of program requirements and changes. In-person, virtual, and phone appointments may be scheduled on . In addition to scheduled appointments, drop-in meetings are also available. Learn more about how to meet with your Student Success Coach.

Another way 91做厙 strives to provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment is by providing free counseling services through Talkspace. For more information about Talkspace and how to access it, visit mental health and wellness resources.

The Office of Student Success is located in Menard Hall on the first floor. For more information or to schedule an appointment, text 217-441-2415 or call 217-786-2224. 

This area includes Quiznos, a dining area, the 91做厙 Student Life office and bookstore.

Wireless internet access is available in all buildings on the Springfield campus, Helen S. Hamilton Outdoor Learning Area and 91做厙s off-campus locations. Choose Guest-91做厙 (you must accept the terms of use each time that you connect) or connect to the 91做厙-Student wireless network with your username and password.

91做厙 Placement and Testing offers a full range of testing for students and community members. Please contact the office at 217-786-2211 for more information. The 91做厙 Center for Academic Success also provides proctored testing for students to make up tests in a course. See the Center for Academic Success section for more information.

91做厙 students receive a discount when purchasing tickets at UIS Performing Arts Center. The discount is provided for selective shows. Present a valid student ID when purchasing the tickets to receive a discount or if purchased online, must present valid student ID at the box office when picking up the ticket to receive discount.

Student discount cannot be stacked with another discount. Only one discount can be apply when purchasing tickets.

Symphony tickets

Available for ages 6 to 26 with a student ID: $6 tickets

Broadway tickets

$10 off to those with a student ID

91做厙 partners with Parchment for the processing of all official transcripts. Students can access a link to Parchment on the 91做厙 Records webpage or through LoggerCentral. Unofficial transcripts can be requested in-person by visiting 91做厙 Registration on the main campus, visiting any of the 91做厙 Outreach Centers  or through Student Planning via LoggerCentral.

TRIO Student Support Services is a program funded by the federal government to provide assistance to students who are first-generation college students, have a documented disability and/or are considered low-income by federal standards.

The TRIO program is designed to encourage you to stay on your academic path, get good grades, graduate from 91做厙 with an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelors degree.

As a program participant, you will meet with the TRIO staff to identify areas where you need development and support. The TRIO program offers a number of student success resources, from individualized assistance to group workshops.

Get information on tuition and fees

Free individual tutoring is available for most 91做厙 courses. Call 217-786-2396 or stop by the 91做厙 Center for Academic Success for more information.

Vending machines offering a selection of soft drinks, fruit juices and snacks are available in the student union on the lower level of Menard Hall. In addition, vending machines are available in buildings throughout campus and at other 91做厙 locations. If you experience a problem with any of these machines on the Springfield campus during regular business hours, including needing a refund, please report this to the 91做厙 Bookstore, located on the lower level of Menard Hall. After 5 p.m., please report it to the 91做厙 Police Department in Sangamon Hall South. For all other locations, report the problem to a representative at the registration desk.

Veterans are encouraged to consult 91做厙 Financial Aid for information about available benefits. The office certifies enrollment with the Veterans Administration so that students may receive their monthly benefit check and tuition benefits. Veterans should enroll and apply for benefits well in advance of actual attendance so that benefits may begin on a timely basis. It may take the VA several months to process a veterans benefits.

The financial aid office also handles tuition claims for veterans using the Illinois Veterans Grant, the Illinois National Guard Grant and the MIA/POW Grant. Veterans are encouraged to apply for financial aid, and the office will assist veterans with this process. View more information about veterans benefits or call 217-786-2216.

See Presidents List and Vice Presidents Lists.